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With TwoCam you capture two images at the same time!

Whenever you take a picture of what happens in front of you, you miss what's happening behind you. And whenever you take a selfie, you miss what you are looking at. TwoCam is the solution for that. Now create pictures that contain both what happens in front of you as well what happens in behind you. You can have both pictures seperatly and one picture containing both images.

Have you ever felt the urge to see who is sitting behind you, but turning around would be inappropriate? Now take a picture with TwoCam and you can take a silent look.

Do you enjoy your kids taking pictures, but you miss them on the result? Now with TwoCam you can see both what they are photographing as well as how they look doing it.

Do you have this amazing view, but the way you take the picture is awesome as well? With TwoCam you can show both!

TwoCam is now available for download in the App Store here.